Football Manager Newsletter Week 2

Football Manager 2020 has now been released as of yesterday. People now start long term saves and editors start creating database files. Sports Interactive and Miles announced the features for the mobile version and touch version of the game.

As of my save. We’ve made it to the 4th round of the FA Cup and we drew Chelsea in it, the board are currently unhappy with Lampard at Chelsea so could I get him sacked? We also suffered our first loss to Liverpool after an Oxlade Chamberlain banger.

After deep thinking, I have decided to discontinue Man City as my main save. And started a new save with Sydney FC. So far we’ve just been playing friendlies, not too many new signings yet but I will update you all about it next week.

Yesterday was a very hype-worthy day with Pochettino getting sacked from Spurs, Football Manager 2020 coming out and a lot of backlash about some of the bugs. Especially the attribute bug and the shooting from the byline glitch

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed. Please email me if you want me to write about other things

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