FM20 Release Date & New Features

Football Manager 2020 Release Date and New Features **UPDATED **

Football Manager 2020 will be the 16th instalment of the series with the initial release being in 2005, Over the years, Football Manager has become to the king of football management games, with the game continually being improved.

With the recent announcement that FM 2020 will be coming to Google Stadia as a launch title, we’re taking a look at everything we know about Football Manager 2020 from release date to confirmed new features.

Football Manager 2020 Release Date

Sports Interactive have confirmed the release date for Football Manager 2020 is November 19th, 2019.

Football Manager 2020 platforms

As with every year, Football Manager 2020 will be available on PC and Mac as standard, however, FM 2020 will also for the first time be available on other gaming platforms.

Google Stadia
Google recently revealed that one of the launch titles for their new streaming platform will be Football Manager 2020.

if Google Stadia works as intended, this could create a wave of new Football Manager players who had previously been unable to play the game as they didn’t have a high enough spec PC to run it on.

Although it’s unlikely that mods, downloadable tactics or face packs will be available on the Google Stadia version of Football Manager, so it’s not without its drawbacks.

Football Manager 2020 Features

Development Centre

One of the most engaging aspects of Football Manager is developing talent and unearthing wonderkids who you can turn into world-beaters in a few seasons’ time. In FM20 we’re making it easier for you to plan long-term and keep track of the progress of your youth teams with the all-new Development Centre.

Club Vision

Meeting the expectations of the board has always been one of your key tasks in Football Manager but for FM20 we’ve overhauled the entire boardroom experience to make it more unique to each team and tied into the long-term progression of the club.

Graphics Improvement

We strive to make each year’s match experience in Football Manager the best looking in the series and this year is no different with a renewed effort to introduce a range of graphical improvements that will make the match look more realistic than ever in FM20.

Backroom Staff

One of the ways that Football Manager continues to replicate the world of football with such accuracy is our huge network of help from people who work in the real football world. From improved advice and feedback to new roles altogether, in FM20 you’ll have more support available to you from your staff than before.

Playing Time Pathway

Football Manager 2020 has redefined and reenvisioned player development, an aspect of the game that is high on the priority list of every player. Becoming a manager gives you the chance to carefully control over how you bring through talent while overseeing the progress of your important players too.

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Football Manager 2020 Trailer

Any new developments will be added to this post to keep everyone up to date.

Football Manager 2020 Updates

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