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Football Manager 2020 New Features Wishlist


Every year when Football Manager is released, one of the first things which we look for are what new features have been added to the game.

Sports Interactive have been steadily improving Football Manager over the past few years but there hasn’t been any major overhauls or big new features added, so it would be unlikely any major features will be coming to Football Manager 2020.

However, This is our wishlist of Football Manager 2020 features which we would love to see included.

Improved Match Engine

The 3D match engine is nice to have in the game and is an improvement on the 2D engine, however, its still not up to the standard of other football games on the market.

Nobody expects Football Manager to have a match engine up to the standards of FIFA, however, some tweaks to the engine could really help improve the whole match day experience.

Increasing the number of Animations and fine-tuning current animations would go a long way to freshen up the match engine, it could help make the match look more natural and much less predictable.

Goal Celebrations
This would bring a new sense of atmosphere and importance to the matches which would certainly improve the match day experience.

Player Interactions
Players interacting with each other on the pitch would bring a whole new sense of realism, Imagine seeing your captain visibly encouraging or berating team-mates, players coming together after a bad tackle and referees interacting with players throughout the match.

Player instructions
When you make a tactical change or instruction, it doesn’t seem to translate into a visible change on the pitch, with the players usually still doing the same as before, When a tactical change or instruction has been made we should be able to see the effects it has on the pitch.


In the real world, managers don’t start their careers in the hot seat and instead have to work their way up to the top job.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if rather than starting the game as the manager of a club, you start the game as a coach or assistant manager?

You would have to complete tasks set by the manager such as; training the squad, complete scouting on new or loaned out players, take charge of the reserve team games.

You would need to increase your attributes over time and build up relationships with different people in order to gain more knowledge.

We don’t think this would be included in Football Manager any time soon, however it would be a really awesome feature.

Building Mode

Although this would usually fall outside the realm of a football managers responsibility, we can’t help thinking that being able to manually build the clubs infrastructures would be an amazing feature.

We’re not asking for building mode as detailed as sim city, but having some control over the specifics would create a new dynamic to the game.

Upgrade the Stadium
When upgrading your stadium it would be cool if you could see a 3D image of the stadium and then be able to select from different stand designs to decide which upgrade you wanted to ahead with.

This is something which has been done before in older football management games which great effect.

Build a new stadium
Similar to upgrading the stadium, you could opt to instead build a new stadium, this is something which would be created from a set of different stadium blueprints, or you could manually select different stands depending on the style you want and the budget you have.

Club Facilities
The Training ground is one of the most important parts of a football club, it’s where the team spends most of their time and it’s one of the first things a new player is shown on arrival, with many examples in real life where the transfer failed to complete due to poor training ground facilities.

Football Manage does allow you to improve the training facilities, however, this is only confirmed by look at the club information screen and seeing a increase facility level.

Instead wouldn’t it be awesome if you again had a 3D representation of the Training ground and facilities, and could more visually see the quality.

Improved facilities should allow you to unlock new features to help with the running of the team;

Team meeting rooms to improve tactical and communication levels.

• Upgraded gyms to improve player training levels.

• Upgraded physio with access to state-of-the-art equipment such as cryotherapy to remove fatigue and improve energy levels.

start career in different decades

A new feature which could could be a game changer for Football Manager would be the ability to start the career at different time periods in the past.

Imagine being able to start your career in 1992 and manage a team in the first ever season of the Premier League, or attempting to challenge against Arsenal “The Invincibles” in 2003/04.

The possibilities would be endless with the amount of challenges you could attempt and legendary teams and players you would get the chance to manage.

This feature isn’t hard to implement, however, it would depend on the amount of historical databases that Sports Interactive have and if they can be reliably incorporated into a new version of the game.


This is another feature which is very unlikely to happen in any Football Manager games at least for a long time, however, we can dream.

CEO Career mode would allow you to become the sole decision maker at the football club, you would have the ultimate responsibility to make the football club run successfully.

There would be so many new things you would be able to do and take charge of things such as;

Hire/Fire Managers
If you wanted to ultimate CEO experience and didn’t manager the club yourself, you would be able to hire a manager to take over the team.

During interviews you would be able to to discuss club expectations, transfer budgets and philosophies etc.

It would be your responsibility that the club has good finances and is run as a successful business so that didn’t go into administration.

  • Set the transfer and wage budgets for the season.
  • Set the price for season tickets and match day merchandise etc.
  • Manage debt by taking bank loans and restructuring payment.

Youth Teams / Improved recruitment

Although we already do have under-18s and under-23 youth teams in football manager, most football clubs start recruiting players as young as 7-year-old, this is to give them the best chance that the player can develop into a professional.

We should be able to setup youth academies which brings in promising young players and gradually train them up over the years.

The younger a player is when recruited, the more time you have to nurture his talent and turn him into a superstar.

potential ability wouldn’t be a set number for these players and instead it would depend on the quality of training they receive until they reach a certain age.

Are there any new features you would like to see in Football Manager 2020? let us know in the comments section below!

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