Manchester City Team Guide FM19

Football Manager 2019 Team Guide: Manchester City

The Champions of the Premier League in 2017/18 had an unbelievable season, breaking multiple records and impressing everyone with their style of play.

Manchester City has the best squad in the Premier League, with an excellent mixture of experience and youthfulness, City look set to dominate the Premier League for many years to come.


Machester City Expectations FM19

The Board will expect Man City to win the Premier League again this season and they certainly have the team to achieve it, although you can expect to face an increasingly difficult battle with Liverpool and a resurgent Manchester United.

One thing which has escaped Manchester city so far is their lack of silverware in Europe, so this is something with the city board will be looking to rectify over the next season or two.


Transfer Budget: £63M
Wage Budget: £4.26M (£460K remaining)

Manchester City has spent £60M on transfers so far this season, with the entire amount being spent on former Leicester City player Riyad Mahrez.

They still have £60M left in the transfer budget and £460K wage budget remaining, which will allow them to bring in at least one big-name player.


Kevin De Bruyne – (CA 186 – PA 186)

Kevin De Bruyne FM19

Kevin De Bruyne has been at Manchester City for three seasons following his transfer from VfL Wolfsburg for £54M in 2015/16.

De Bruyne is an Elite Attacking Midfielder and is one of the main attacking threats for Manchester City, with world-class Passing and Vision, he is able to make assists with ease.

He is in the prime years of his career and is unlikely to improve, but at only 26-years-old still has a good 5+ years at the top.

Best Attributes – Passing (19), Vision (19), First Touch (18), Technique (17), Decisions (17).

Raheem Sterling – (CA 164 – PA 171)

Raheem Sterling FM19

Following his highly talked about transfer from Liverpool for £46M in 2015/16, Raheem Sterling has gone from strength to strength and is now classed as one of the best Attacking players in the world.

The Elite winger has rapid Pace and Acceleration which coupled with world-class agility, makes him one of the most exciting players in the world.

It’s amazing to think that Raheem Sterling is still only 23-years-old and probably has another 7+ years at the top of football and with a potential ability of 171, he’s likely to improve and reach an even higher performance level.

Best Attributes – Agility (19), Acceleration (18), Off The Ball (18), Pace (17), Dribbling (17).

Sergio Agüero – (CA 178 – PA 183)

Sergio Aguero FM19

Sergio Aguero has been the main Striker for Manchester City since his arrival in 2011/12 for £35M

Aguero famously scored in the last game of the 2012/13 seasons against QPR to secure Manchester City their first league title in many years, This made Aguero an overnight legend for manchester city.

Aguero has a low centre of gravity with excellent balance and agility which allows him to be very good on the ball, although he’s not especially fast, he does have explosive acceleration which allows him to get the extra yard for shooting.

The Legendary striker is 30-years-old and in his prime years, however, within the next couple of seasons, you will need to start looking for a replacement.

Best Attributes – Balance (19), Acceleration (18), Off The Ball (18), Technique (18), Dribbling (18).


Phil Foden – (CA 135 – PA 175)

Phil Foden FM19

Phil Foden is a product of the Manchester City youth academy and of their current batch of youth player is the closest to playing in the first team.

Foden is an exciting young British player who fits the mould of being a technically gifted player with plenty of flair.

For the first season, Foden might only get in the first team for less important cup games and the odd league appearance off the bench, however, within a couple of seasons, he is likely to greatly improve with a potential ability of 175 and should be able to demand a more important team role.

Best Attributes – Passing (16), Technique (16), Flair (16), Vision (16), Agility (16).

Claudio Gomes – (CA 100 – PA 150/180)

Claudio Gomes FM19

Claudio Gomes is a new signing, having joined from PSG in 2018/19 on a free transfer.

Gomes was signed to develop in the Manchester City youth teams with the hope he will be the long term replacement for Fernandinho.

With a potential of between 150-180, he is a player who you will definitely want to keep an eye on.

Best Attributes – Aggression (15), Natural Fitness (15), Bravery (14), Work Rate (14), Agility (14).

Daniel Arzani – (CA 120 – PA 140/170)

Daniel Arzani FM19

Daniel Arzani is another young player bought by Manchester City this season (2018/19), he signed for £550K from Melbourne City FC.

Arzani has been loaned out to Celtic for the season and is probably another season or two away from the first team.

however, with a potential ability of 140-170, he is a player who would be able to play in the first team once developed.

Best Attributes – Dribbling (15), Flair (15), Agility (15), Natural Fitness (14), Pace (14).


Fabian Delph – (CA 149 – PA 149)

Fabian Delph FM19

Fabian Delph signed was from Aston Villa in 2015/16 for £8M and has been a squad player since his arrival.

Delph isn’t good enough to command a permanent place in the first-team but due to his ability to play in the different positions, he has been an important squad player.

However, Delph is now 28-years-old and being worth £21.5M would be a player which could be sold for a good amount of money.

Value: £21.5M
Wage: £80K p/w
Expected transfer value: £20M+

Eliaquim Mangala – (CA 147 – PA 150)

Eliaquim Mangala was signed in 2014/15 for £42M, however, he’s never really been good enough to cement his place in the first team.

Following a fairly unsuccessful season on loan at Everton in 2017/18, Mangala hasn’t exactly put himself the position to fight for the first-team.

At 27-years-old, he not going to get any better, so now is probably the best time to look at selling Mangala, unfortunately, his value has plummeted to only £14.5M.

Value: £14.5M
Wage: £100K p/w
Expected transfer value: £10M+

Vincent Kompany – (CA 162 – PA 168)

Vincent Kompany FM19

Vincent Kompany has been the captain of Manchester City and the outstanding defender for City for many years, through his leadership, Man City have flourished and gone on to win multiple league and cup titles.

so with that in mind, it’s crazy to think he would be a player to consider selling, however, Kompany is now 32-years-old and amazingly worth an astonishing £53M.

If you are able to sell Kompany for anywhere near that amount, He would be worth selling in order to fund the signing of a new superstar replacement.

Although fair warning, Kompany is the club captain and team leader, so selling him could cause other players to feel aggrieved.

Value: £53M
Wage: £150K p/w
Expected transfer value: £30M+


Manchester City have the luxury of a fantastic squad already at their disposal, they don’t have any positions which need to be fixed straight away, however, you should look to the future and sign players to replace the older players in the next season or two.

The three positions which are worth looking to sign players in are central defence, central midfield and Striker.

Mattijs De Ligt – (CA 144 – PA 160/190)

FM19 Matthijs De Ligt

Mattijs De Ligt is one of the hottest young players in world football at the moment, Having come through the youth team at Ajax, De Ligt is now the captain of the senior team.

De Ligt would be a excellent young signing to replace Vincent Kompany and at only 18-years-old, could be a mainstay in the Man City defense for the next 10 years.

Best Attributes – Tackling (16), Determination (16), Heading (15), Passing (15), Jumping Reach (15).

Value: £15M
Wage: £13.25K p/w
Expected Transfer fee: £30M
Expected Wage: £90K p/w

Sandro Tonali – (CA 120 – PA 150/180)

Sandro Tonali FM19

Sandro Tonali is a promising young italian central midfielder who currently plays for second division side Brescia.

Tonali plays as a deep-lying playmaker and is often likened to Andrea Pirlo, he’s a strong energetic creative player with good passing and defensive attributes.

Tonali would be an excellent replacement for the aging Fernandinho and although wouldn’t quite be ready in the first season to play a major role, he would be able to do a good job off the bench.

A potential Ability of between 150-180, means Tonali has the potential to be a world-class midfielder and at only 18-years-old, he would be a fantastic signing for the future.

Tonali is available for around £7.5M, which is a steal for a player of his considerable potential.

Best Attributes – Passing (15), Composure (15), Determination (15), First Touch (14), Positioning (14).

Value: £775K
Wage: £775 p/w
Expected Transfer Cost: £7.5M
Expected Wage: £20K p/w

Lautaro Martinez – (CA 145 – PA 150/180)

Lautaro Martinez is a 20-year-old Striker who has recently moved to Inter Milan and therefore wouldn’t be available to sign in the first season.

He would, however, be the perfect future replacement for Sergio Aguero, as he is a very similar player.

Martinez is a 5’9″ forward who has great on-the-ball attributes and with a potential of between 150-180, he has the ability to become a world-class forward within a couple of seasons.

Best Attributes – Determination (20), Technique (17), Flair (17), Finishing (16), First Touch (16).

Value: £18.5M
Wage: £48K p/w
Expected Transfer Cost: £40M
Expected Wage: £75K p/w

FM19 Man City First Team Squad

NameAgePositionCAPAValueValue (H)Wage
Simon Mignolet30GK146152£21M21,000,000£75,000
Dejan Lovren28D (C)151153£33M33,000,000£100,000
Virgil van Dijk26D (C)173175£59M59,000,000£180,000
Joël Matip26D (C)148155£28.5M28,500,000£100,000
Joe Gomez21D (RLC)149175£33M33,000,000£75,000
Nathaniel Clyne27D/WB (R)148152£22.5M22,500,000£75,000
Fabinho24D (R), DM, M (C)156164£42M42,000,000£120,000
Trent Alexander-Arnold19D/WB (R), DM, M (RC)149170£35M35,000,000£75,000
Andrew Robertson24D/WB (L)152162£26M26,000,000£80,000
Alberto Moreno25D/WB (L)143152£24.5M24,000,000£70,000
Jordan Henderson28DM, M (C)156158£42M42,000,000£140,000
Naby Keïta23DM, M/AM (C)153170£40.5M40,500,000£120,000
Georginio Wijnaldum27DM, M (C), AM (LC)155158£27.5M27,500,000£85,000
James Milner32WB (RL), M (RLC), AM (RL)156157£22.5M22,500,000£140,000
Adam Lallana30M/AM (RLC)155159£44.5M44,500,000£110,000
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain24M (RC), AM (RL)151156£29M29,000,000£120,000
Xherdan Shaqiri26M (RL), AM (RLC)150163£25M25,000,000£90,000
Divock Origi23AM (L), ST (C)145158£22M22,000,000£65,000
Roberto Firmino26AM (RLC), ST (C)172175£67M67,000,000£180,000
Sadio Mané26AM (RL), ST (C)172175£58M58,000,000£180,000
Mohamed Salah26AM (RL), ST (C)180188£75M75,000,000£200,000
Daniel Sturridge28ST (C)147168£26M26,000,000£130,000
Danny Ings25ST (C)140152£20M20,000,000£75,000
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