FM19 Free Agents

Football Manager 2019: Free Agents

If you need to sign a new player but don’t have much transfer budget remaining, signing a free agent might be your best option.

Free Agents are more common at the start of a Football Manager career as clubs in real life have yet to snap them up, as we are using game version 19.3.0, most of the better free agents are now signed to clubs and no longer available.

However, there are still players available which would be able to do a good job, below we have outlined the top 5 free agents available.

Further down we have a list of the top 30 Free Agents


Dimitar Berbatov (CA 134)

Dimitar Berbatov FM19

The Former Tottenham and Manchester United Striker is now 37-years-old and well past his peak, however, as Berbatov never relied on his physcial attributes, his age hasn’t had the same effect that it does on other players.

Berbatov still has plenty of technical ability which is what made him the great player he was in his prime.

He would be a decent player to bring on in the last 20-minutes if your chasing a game and need a goal.

Expected wage: £19.5K p/w
Might require a promise of a 1 year extension after 20-30 games

Best Attributes – First Touch (20), Technique (18), Composure (18), Penalty Taking (18), Flair (17).

Fernando Gago (CA 133)

Fernando Gago FM19

Fernando Gago is a central midfielder who is best known for his spell at Real Madrid.

The 33-year-old midfielder is an experienced midfielder who still has excellent technical and mental attributes, although his physcial stats have declined over the years.

Expected Wage: £16.5K p/w
Might require a promise of a 1 year extension after 20-30 league games

Best Attributes – Leadership (18), Passing (17), Composure (17), Determination (17), First Touch (16).

Danny (CA 132)

Danny FM19

Danny is a 34-year-old attacking midfielder who has spent the majority of his career at Russian side Zenit St. Petersburg.

Although he has now lost most of his physical attributes, he still has great Technical and Metal attributes and would be great substitution option.

Expected Wage: £21K p/w

Best Attributes – Technique (16), Passing (16), First Touch (16), Determination (15), Vision (15).

Yaya Toure (CA 130)

Yaya Toure FM19

The former Barcelona and Manchester City Superstar is now 35-years-old and is currently a free agent.

Toure was famous for making powerful runs with the ball, beating many players and creating chances, however, his speed and acceleration have declined so its unlikely he would be able to make such great runs anymore.

Many of his other attributes remain largely intact and Toure could still be a very effective player for most teams.

Expected Wage: £25K p/w
Might require a promise of a 1 year extension after 20-30 league games

Best Attributes – Strength (17), Composure (17), Passing (16), Balance (16), Technique (16).

Nilmar (CA 130)

Nilmar is a lesser known player, having spent the majority of his career in Brazil and at 34-years-old, he is nearing closer to retirement.

Nilmar is still a decent striker and although its unlikely he could play a full 90 minutes, he would be a good player to throw in for the last 20 minutes when in need of a goal.

Expected Wage: £12.5K p/w
Might require a promise of a 1 year extension after 20-30 league games

Best Attributes – Determination (17), Off The Ball (17), Dribbling (16), Technique (16), Flair (16).


We have compiled a list of the FM19 Top 30 Free Agents, we have only taken into account the players Current Ability and not his age or Potential Ability.

NameClubAgeValueValue (H)APAP (H)CAPAPA(H)
Gianluigi DonnarummaA.C. Milan19£18.75M18,750,000£74M74,000,000150190*190
Alban LafontFiorentina19£5M5,000,000£24.5M24,500,000135180*180
Andriy LuninLeganés19£575K575,000£52M52,000,000120170*170
Alessandro PlizzariA.C. Milan18£575K575,000£13.5M13,500,000110170*170
Mile SvilarSL Benfica18£200K200,000£13M13,000,000115170*170
Manuel GaspariniUdinese16£37.5K37,500£1.3M1,300,00080170*170
Gabriel BrazãoCruzeiro17£24.5K24,500£975K975,00093170*170
Gavin BazunuShamrock Rovers16£200K200,000£425K425,00092170*170
Iván MartínezIruña16£115K115,000£600K600,00090170*170
Francis UzohoElche19£850K85,0000£9M9,000,000115160*160
Marcin BulkaChelsea18£83K83,000£33M33,000,00084160*160
Jasper SchendelaarAZ17£190K190,000£3.8M3,800,000102160*160
Berke ÖzerFenerbahçe18£350K350,000£3.7M3,700,00095160*160
Haviv OhayonMaccabi Tel-Aviv19£300K300,000£1.2M1,200,00090160*160
Nathan TrottWest Ham19£230K230,000£20M20,000,00090160*160
Alessio FurlanettoLazio16£22.5K22,500£375K375,00065150*150
Lucas BrueraChacarita Jrs20£1.6M1,600,000£14.25M14,250,000109150*150

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