FM19 Facepack Guide

Football Manager 2019 Facepack Guide

What is a Football Manager 2019 Facepack?

Football Manager 2019 is bound to copyright laws which restrict the use of likenesses for certain people in FM19.

This means that some people don’t have their real face shown in the game, their picture is instead blacked out.

This not only applies to players but also, managers, coaches, masseurs, referees and club owners.

A Football Manager 2019 facepack allows you to insert real-life pictures for the people in the game so their picture is no longer blacked out.

Download Football Manager 2019 Facepack

There are many different facepacks which are available for download and all work well as far as we have seen, however, which one would we recommend?

We recommend installing the DF11 Megapack which is created by, it is the most comprehensive facepack available for Football Manager 2019 with over 126,000 faces and continuous updates.

Click here to download the DF11 Megapack + updates.

How to Install Football Manager 2019 Facepack

Follow these instructions to successfully install a Football Manager 2019 facepack.

1. Download the Facepack
Download the Facepack you want to install, as previously mentioned, we recommend the DF11 Megapack by

2. Extract Facepack file
Use a program like winRAR to Extract Facepack file into the following directory “C:\Users\Username\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics”.

Note – If the graphics folder doesn’t exist then create one.

Extracting the file will create a new folder in your graphics folder which has all the game faces inside, any facepack updates should be extracted directly into this folder going forward.

3. Update Preferences in Football Manager 2019
3.1. Start Football Manager 2019 and navigate to ‘Preferences -> Interface’
3.2. Click the “Clear Cache” button.
3.3. Untick the ‘Use Caching to decrease page loading times’ option
3.4. Click confirm to save the changes and wait for the loading box to complete.


Once this is all done you should have new game faces for people in the game, if you have any problems please leave a comment below for help or visit the website for further information.

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