FM19 Tean Guide Bournemouth

Football Manager 2019 Team Guide: Bournemouth

Since their promotion from the championship in the 2014/15 season, Bournemouth have been established as a mid table premier league team.

so consequently Bournemouth are a team who’s reputation is increasing year on year and as a result will be looking to break into Europe sooner rather than later.


FM19 Bournemouth Expectations

Bournemouth have been a consistent mid-table team in the last three seasons.

A mid-table finish is the least that the board would be expecting from you and with the quality in the team its a very realistic target.

Transfer & Wage budget

Transfer budget: £280,000
Wage Budget: £1,187,062 p/w (£36,000 p/w remaining)

Bournemouth have already spent £79M in the transfer market signing David Brooks, Dominic Solanke, Chris Mepham, Diego Rico and Jefferson Lerma.

There isn’t much of a budget left so you would definitely need to sell players first to raise some funds if you would like to make any major transfers.

Key Players

Callum Wilson – (CA 152 – PA 160)

Callum Wilson

Callum Wilson has been Bournemouths main striker since his £2.5M move in 2014/15, he’s known for his pace and off-the-ball ability.

The 26 year old Striker still has a chance to improve further.

Best Attributes – Pace (18), Finishing (17), Acceleration (17), Strength (16), Natural Fitness (16).

Nathan Ake – (CA 141 – PA 161)

Nathan Ake

Since Ake moved to Bournemouth in 2017 for £20M, he’s be a vital player making 38 appearances in the premier league last season.

It’s essential for Ake to have a good season if you are to be successful with Bournemouth.

Best Attributes – Acceleration (16), Pace (15), Positioning (15), Technique (15), Work Rate (15).

Jefferson Lerma – (CA 137 – PA 155)

Jefferson Lerma

Jefferson Lerma is a new signing at Bournemouth having signed from Levante for £28M.

Lerma is a Ball Winning Midfielder, who’s just what Bournemouth need to balance their strong attacking with a good defensive player.

Best Attributes – Natural Fitness (17), Tackling (16), Bravery (16), Stamina (16), Work Rate (15).

Young Players

Bournemouth don’t really have any standout players in their under 23 or Under 18 teams.

Their senior team is however full of young players who have plenty of potential.

David Brooks – (CA 136 – PA 150)

David Brooks

David Brooks is another new signing, having been signed from Sheffield United for £10M.

he’s one of the most creative players in the Bournemouth team, he can play as an Inside Forward or Attacking Midfielder.

Best Attributes – Flair (18), Dribbling (16), Agility (16), Pace (16), Technique (15).

Lewis Cook – (CA 132 – PA 169)

Lewis Cook

Lewis Cook is in his third season at Bournemouth, following a move from Leeds Units in 2016/17.

He played 21 premier league games in the 2017/18 season, so he is already an established member of the Bournemouth team.

Brooks is only 21-years-old and so is a player who is going to keep improving.

Best Attributes – Vision (16), Natural Fitness (16), Passing (15), Tackling (15), Determination (15).

Chris Mepham – (CA 123 – PA 150)

Chris Mepham

Chris Mepham is new signing from Brentford, The Cherries paid a cool £12M to bring the centre-back to the club.

At 20-years-old its not hard to see what attracted Eddie Howe to signing him.

Mepham is a big strong 6’3″ defender, he’s commanding in the air and also has the attributes to comfortably pass out from the back comfortably.

Best Attributes – Determination (16), Jumping Reach (15), Heading (14), Tackling (14), Strength (14).

Players to consider selling

Bournemouth doesn’t have the biggest squad, so you need to be careful when deciding to sell any player as you might leave yourself short in their position.

That being said these are some players you might consider selling.

Simon Francis – (CA 129 – PA 145)

Simon Francis

Simon Francis is the captain and a team leader at Bournemouth, so selling him might seem controversial and will most likely cause concern to some of the other players.

Francis is 33-years-old now and only the third choice right back being Adam Smith and on-loan right back Nathaniel Clyne.

so now might be the perfect time to move Francis on and promote a new player as captain.

Value: £3.4M
Wage: £30K p/w

Dan Gosling – (CA 132 – PA 132)

Dan Gosling

Dan Gosling still has the ability to do a decent job for you, however with the new signing of Jefferson Lerma, Gosling will most likely spend the majority of the season on the bench.

it might be possible to get a good amount of money from the sale of Gosling, which can go towards signing new players.

Value: £13.25M
Wage: £35K p/w

it might be possible to get a good amount of money from the sale of Gosling, which can go towards signing new players.

Value: £13.25M
Wage: £35K p/w

Jermain Defoe – (CA 132 – PA 155)

Jermain Defoe

Defoe is currently on loan at Rangers for the season but still has 2 years left on his contract, although you wont be able to sell him this season.

When he returns from his loan next season, Defoe will be 36-years-old, it’s very unlikely Defoe will even get on your bench and his wages could be much more useful elsewhere.

Value: £1.4M
Wages: £65K p/w

Players to consider signing

Bournemouth are short of a quality left back, Charlie Daniels is now 31-years-old and Diego Rico isn’t good enough for the first team.

A new left back would be a really good addition, two left back options would be;

Josha Vagnoman (CA 120 – PA 155)

Josha Vagnoman is a young wing back who can play on either side.

he’s a season away from being good enough to hold down a spot in the Bournemouth first team.

Vagnoman is only 17-years-old and has a lot of time to improve.

He may need to be loaned out for a season or two before being introduced to the first team.

Best Attributes – Natural Fitness (17), Work Rate (16), Bravery (15), Balance (15), Pace (15).

Value: £2.1M
Wage: £15.5K p/w

Expected transfer cost: £10M with additional clauses.
Expected wage cost: £25k p/w with additional bonuses and clauses.

Josh Tymon (CA 107 – PA 154)

Josh Tymon is another left sided wing back which could be worth looking at signing.

Currently playing for Stoke City in the Championship, a move to Bournemouth would be a big step up for him.

he might need a season out on loan before he’ll be ready for first team football.

Tymon has a potential ability of 154, which is higher than all other left-backs currently playing for Bournemouth.

Best Attributes – Determination (17), Work Rate (15), Bravery (15), Marking (14), Tackling (13).

Value: £750K
Wage: £6.5K p/w
Expected transfer cost: £5M+ with additional clauses
Expected wage cost: £25K p/w with additional bonuses and clauses

Jairo Riedewald (CA 126 – PA 149)

Jairo Riedewald FM19

Jairo Riedewald is a very versatile player, he can naturally play at left-back or in central midfield and can also do a job in either central defense or in a more advance central role.

He’s only recently joined Crystal Palace in 2017/2018, so it might take some good negotiating to sign him this season, but if you do he would a valuable new member of the squad.

Value: £8M
Wage: £55K p/w
Expected transfer cost: £15M with additional clauses
Expected wage cost: £60K p/w with additional bonuses and clauses

Bournemouth already have two experienced goal keepers in their team, however they are both over 30 years old.

Signing a new keeper as either a number one or backup would be beneficial especially in the long term.

Marek Rodák (CA 117 – PA 145)

Rodák unavailable to sign in the first season as he is on loan at Rotherham from Fulham,

He is a young goalkeeper with good aerial and shot stopping skills and his 145 potential ability means he’ll improve over time.

he will most likely need two seasons at backup before becoming a first team regular.

Value: £2.6M
Wages: £3K p/w
Expected transfer cost: £7M+ with additional clauses
Expected wage cost: £15K p/w with additional bonuses and clauses

Dean Henderson (CA 126 – PA 155)

The Manchester United Goalkeeper is currently on loan to Sheffield United.

he’s having a great season in the championship and should be ready for the step up to a premier league team by the end of the season.

Henderson is a commanding goalkeeper with great reflexes and is also very good with his feet.

Value: £7M
wage: £10K p/w
Expected transfer cost: £15M with additional clauses
Expected wage cost: £25K p/w with additional bonuses and clauses

FM19 Bournemouth First Team Squad

NameAgePositionCAPAValueValue (H)Wage
Callum Wilson26ST (C)152160£37M37,000,000£40,000
Nathaniel Clyne27D (R)148152£22.5M22,500,000£75,000
Jefferson Lerma23M (C)137155£16.75M16,750,000£50,000
Joshua King26ST (C)139145£19.25M19,250,000£45,000
Nathan Ake23D (C)141161£16M16,000,000£40,000
Harry Arter28M (C)140140£19M19,000,000£40,000
David Brooks20AM (R)136150£17M17,000,000£20,000
Steve Cook27D (C)140148£15.25M15,250,000£45,000
Adam Smith27D (R)135139£13.75M13,750,000£35,000
Asmir Begovic31GK146165£17M17,000,000£70,000
Diego Rico25WB (L)127140£9.5M9,500,000£35,000
Ryan Fraser24M (R)136148£17M17,000,000£30,000
Lewis Cook21M (C)132169£13.25M13,250,000£35,000
Dominic Solanke20ST (C)135150£16.25M16,250,000£50,000
Jordon Ibe22AM (R)135152£16.25M16,250,000£37,500
Dan Gosling28M (C)132132£13.25M13,250,000£35,000
Emerson Hyndman22M (C)126142£8.75M8,750,000£15,000
Junior Stanislas28AM (R)135146£14.75M14,750,000£35,000
Charlie Daniels31D (L)130140£7M7,000,000£35,000
Marc Pugh31M (L)126135£5.5M5,500,000£30,000
Simon Francis33D (R)129145£3.4M3,400,000£30,000
Andrew Surman31DM132136£8.5M8,500,000£35,000
Artur Boruc38GK132140£0.85M850,000£40,000
Jermain Defoe35ST (C)132155£1.4M1,400,000£65,000
Lys Mousset22ST (C)125143£8.5M8,500,000£25,000
Chris Mepham20D (C)123150£6.25M6,250,000£25,000
Tyrone Mings25D (L)123143£5.75M5,750,000£25,000
Connor Mahoney21AM (R)117128£3.4M3,400,000£12,000
Brad Smith24WB (L)126135£5.75M5,750,000£18,000

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